Gulfstream Sailing Club News


Crew Pool - Our antiquated Crew Pool process will soon be replaced! Thanks to Eric Kobrin for assuming the role of Crew Pool director and working on this! More details coming soon!

Flag Officers & Board Members Gulfstream Sailing Club is proud to introduce our 2018 Flag Officers & Board Members.

  • Commodore Ben Bowen
  • Vice Commodore Phil Decker
  • Rear Commodore Luis Oliveira
  • Secretary Sam Walker
  • Treasurer Paul Hinden
  • Board Member Jim O'Hara
  • Board Member Linda Gossett
  • Board Member Rosemary Chelick-Mahon
  • Past Commodore Gregg Henry
A warm welcome to all of our new Committee chairs and members. This is going to be a great year, in no small part to your tireless efforts and contributions!

GSC Regatta was on April 14th, 2018! This regatta is our our Club's marquee race and was organized by Linda Gossett, the Regatta Committee, and club volunteers. This was our 28th running of the GSC Regatta and was a great time on and off the water with 16 boats registered! Results are available on the regatta website here. Planning has already begun for the 29th annual GSC Regatta in 2019. Stay tuned and prepare your crew for a full day of racing off the beautiful coast of Fort Lauderdale! If you didn't have a boat to enter this year there is plenty of time to buy one and get it ready to race!